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For over 30 years, Ultimate Home Video has been the premier source for top-quality video and audio surveillance solutions for homes and businesses in Northern California. Owner and founder Jon Fenton started the company in 1992 by installing burglar, fire, and video camera systems. Since then, the company has grown and expanded its services to include more top-of-the-line products. We are proud to be one of the only dedicated security companies in the Yuba City area, providing cutting-edge security solutions.

Top-notch services for top-of-the-line systems our cameras provide monitoring of your house or business 24/7. We keep an eye out for any kind of intrusion or movement, ensuring that your property is always safe.

We also specialize in robust networking. Our team creates a seamless, joined-up system that oversees all aspects of your property, integrating all your security elements into one cohesive system. This means more seamless and efficient monitoring, control, and organization.

We insist on only utilizing the most high-tech equipment. Our team is made up of highly qualified technicians who only use enterprise-grade security products with the latest capabilities and technology. This allows us to guarantee the highest possible level of security and protection for you and your property.

Our business story began in 1992. Owner and founder Jon Fenton installed burglar, fire, and video camera systems. Over the next 31 years, Ultimate has served thousands of clients throughout our service area. We've formed partnerships with top manufacturers such as HikVision, Speco, ENS and others. These partnerships allow us to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive services.

At Ultimate Home Video, we understand that every client is unique. We have access to a wide range of customized security solutions, whether you are looking for something simple and affordable or something state-of-the-art and complex. Our team is available to discuss your needs and help you find the most suitable system for your property.

Don't wait to protect your home or business. Schedule a consultation today and speak with one of our experienced technicians about how we can help secure your property. Ultimate Home Video provides the highest-quality security solutions and ensures that you're always safe.

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